Welcome to the Computer Museum of the ‘ Allievi –  Sangallo’ Technical Institute of Terni, founded by its body of teachers and board of directors.

The founders donated electronic devices and other such items to the institution.

Other items included: youth memorabilia of the founders, given as a gesture of good faith to inaugurate the Museum.

This foundation’s mission is to discover and teach the history of information technology (computer science) and its various applications.

The historical exhibition goes from: the computational era of technology, to the exploration of the age of personal computers, to the development of the recording and reproduction of images and sounds, to the implementation of technical drawing, to telephony and, finally, to the launching and evolution of games.

The exhibition wants to demonstrate, through its objects, the parallelism between the evolution of information technology and the development of human intelligence and creativity.

The exposition also emphasizes the uniqueness of the Italian contribution to technology and design.

The exhibit area occupies a school room from the 1950s that was part of a larger structure, once used for laboratories and workshops.

These areas are a typical example of industrial archeology, since they keep the characteristic “shed” roof unaltered.

We are looking forward to seeing you here!